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Boosting digital platform, data platform and automation business solutions using our industry-leading templates.

Architectural Library

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A set of "batteries-included" templates enabling the quick, efficient and developer-ready set-up of environments based on microservice, API-first, cloud and headless design patterns. The templates include a range of invaluable building blocks and templates based on Azure and AWS including many open-source projects. Our simple StepOne CLI makes all of this easy for developers to use.

Data Solution

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A fully customisable "starter pack" designed to accelerate the implementation of data-driven solutions. Includes a template, methodology, and tools that can help organisations quickly develop, deploy, and scale data-driven solutions.


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Our AI & ML templates help organisations quickly set up an end-to-end solution including many useful features. For example, the templates enable the exposure of AI models via REST APIs, deployment of AI models using Docker and deployment of end-to-end Azure ML solutions.

Open Source Boilerplate

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Provide developers with pre-configured templates and tools for creating new applications in Java, Scala, and Kotlin. Developers can quickly get started building applications by selecting a template and configuring it to meet their specifications.

Learning Accelerator

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These are your one-step-solutions, providing curated templates in more than 22 technologies and languages. Our repository contains templates to accelerate all of your development requirements. Kick-start your development with these ready-to-deploy templates.

Intelligent Automation

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Leverage powerful of RPA and brilliant capabilities of AI, for fully automated solution without human intervention, NashTech intelligent automation is combination of self-built RPA platform and self-built AI accelerator, to help speeding up operation processes and bridge your business to era of intelligent technology.