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Accelerate your business process with NashTech automation solutionsDon't work like robots, let's build them together!

Benefits - wide-ranging and far-reaching


For internal usage or BPO services


Faster than human

100 %

Successfully delivery


Working capability


Ready to support privacy standards

Cost effective
Customer satisfaction
Accuracy & quality
Security & data privacy

You can harness the power of software robots to achieve substantial and quantifiable enhancements across various aspects of your business. These encompass customer satisfaction, employee engagement, process efficiency, speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Rest assured, all data is securely protected and kept private.

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Features - powerful solutions & ready-to-use

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End-to-end RPA

Build, deploy, automate and monitor using one platform

Flexible Integration

Easy to integrate with any legacy components or systems.

Hybrid Deployment

Hosted on premise for data privacy or cloud for modernization

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On top of RPA, enriched by built-in functionalities
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UI Automation

Automating processes on the screen, mirroring user actions

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Process Capturing

Analysis of operational processes based on user events

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API Integration

Integrate with legacy systems, external services

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Pre-defined Packages

Built-in for common business tasks: data entry, order processing

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RPA Integration

Trigger different processes built on other RPA platforms

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OCR, text recognize, form analyze, Azure/AWS/Google AI integration

Compatible with

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Our success stories - popular processes transformed by RPA

Human resources

Analyzing resumes, assisting job seekers, scheduling interviews, processing personnel forms, facilitating onboarding, managing access controls, conducting initial software and process training, etc.

Accounting & Finance

Processing of bank statements, the creation of invoices, generating recurring reports, handling payments, managing data from third-party sources, and duplicating orders and contracts, etc.

Purchasing & Logistics

Analyzing supply and demand, monitoring prices, implementing automated ordering, processing returns, managing contracts, and using data to select the most optimal routes, etc.

Customer support

Managing customer complaints, automating order processing, providing support and follow-up, and overseeing document workflows, etc.

IT Helpdesk

Automation of customer service, monitoring of servers and applications, backup processing, installation of new software updates, and management of user credentials, etc.

Sales & Marketing

Automated brand mention monitoring in the media, publishing of top-rated company reviews on social media platforms, and managing pricing on the web, etc.

How to setup

1. Install Designer

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Install Designer application for the development team who can design the automation workflows and export them as packages.

2. Deploy Portal

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Deploy Web Portal on web-server for publishing packages to Portal where the administrators can manage and allocate automation processes to end-users.

3. Install Agent

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Install Agent on users’ machines. After authorizing, user can execute the pre-defined processes that the organization published.

Experience the power of our Accelerator and see real-life use cases. Let our team guide you through the limitless possibilities our solution has to offer.